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Dormancy Period

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North Dakota

Property Types Dormancy Period:
Savings 5  
Checking 5  
Non-bank Money Orders 7  
Certificates of Deposit 5  
Official Bank Checks/MO 3  
Safe Deposit Boxes 3  
Travelers Checks 15  
Life Ins Matured 3  
Otherwise 3  
ALL 3  
Casualty 3  
Utility Deposits 1  
Utility Refunds 1  
Dividends 2  
Securities 3  
Debt (bonds) 3  
Dissolution/Liquidation 1  
Fiduciaries 3  
Wages 2  
State Courts/Agencies 3  
Federal Courts/Agencies 3  
Mineral Proceeds 3  
All Other Property 3  
IRA Keogh 3  
Gift Certificate Exempt  
Credit Memos 3  
Vendor-Vendor Payments 2  
Aggregate Amount 50  

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