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NAUPA Standard Electronic File Format

Download a PDF copy of the NAUPA Standard Electronic File Format

In the 1990s, NAUPA approved a standard set of codes in a uniform format to make electronic reporting more uniform. By 2004, all 50 states had adopted it. Improvements were approved at the NAUPA annual meeting in St. Louis, Missouri in July 2002 and became effective for the Fall 2003 reporting period. The "NAUPA II" format was further revised by the membership on December 8, 2010 to add codes for new types of property have been developed and/or enhanced since the original format was adopted, related to individual retirement accounts, health savings accounts and educational savings accounts. New Relationship and Ownership Codes with accompanying definitions were added and became effective on September 26, 2013.

Development is underway on the NAUPA Standard File Format Reengineering Project for a "NAUPA 3". The NAUPA 3 format is expected to be rolled out in 2019 and will co-exist with NAUPA II during transition to the new format.

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