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From Today on NBC
How to find your unclaimed money: Jean Chatzky explains
You've seen those ads saying you're entitled to "unclaimed funds"? Sometimes it's actually true! TODAY financial editor Jean Chatzky explains how to find out whether you're entitled to unclaimed funds you may not even have been aware of, and what to do if you are.

From Inside Edition
Butcher Learns He is Owed $400,000 From Life Insurance Policy He Didn't Even Know Existed

Man Finds Out He Has $266,000 in Family Bank Account He Didn't Even Know Existed

Woman Abandoned By Her Dad Discovers She is Owed $86,000 From His Bank Account After He Dies

Man Discovers He's Owed $97,000 From His Late Mom's Unclaimed Life Insurance Policy

Ellenboro fire unit receives unclaimed property check
State Treasurer John Perdue presented an unclaimed property check of $2,625 to the Ellenboro Volunteer Fire Department Thursday, which may help the squad replace a chassis on a rescue truck. (February 4, 2016, The News Center)

Does any of this money belong to you? There's $4.5 billion unclaimed in NJ
Your biggest payday could be right around the corner, and you hardly have to move a muscle. According to the Unclaimed Property Administration within New Jersey's Department of the Treasury, there's about $4.5 billion up for grabs. A portion of that dough may have your name on it. (February 2, 2016, NJ 101.5)

State Treasurer Warns Of Suspicious Unclaimed Property Postcards
State Treasurer Rich Sattgast warns South Dakotans to ignore suspicious postcards labeled "Unclaimed Property Notification."
(January 28, 2016, KDLT News)

Don't Waste Your Money: Finding unclaimed funds safely
Who doesn't like free money? Many states are holding more than a billion dollars in their coffers, simply because it is unclaimed.
(January 18, 2016, WTVM)

PA Treasury Returns More Than $136 Million in Unclaimed Property in 2015
The Pennsylvania Treasury reunited thousands of Pennsylvanians with a record $136.3 million in property and money in 2015 bringing the total value of money and items returned since July 1, 2005 to more than $1.1 billion. Additionally, Treasury collected a record $672.7 million in dormant and forgotten property last year, a 126 percent increase over 2014.
(January 20, 2016, Yahoo Finance)

Unclaimed Property Up For Auction Next Week
Next week, thousands of items will be up for sale in the during the next auction for unclaimed property. Illinois Treasurer Michael Frerichs says the office works hard to reunite unclaimed property found in forgotten safety deposit boxes.
(January 21, 2016, Fox Illinois)

Idaho Receives $13M in Unclaimed Money
Could your new year include more money? The Idaho State Treasurer's Office Unclaimed Property Program has $13,097,468.16 in newly submitted lost or forgotten money for Idahoans to claim.
(January 5, 2016, Magic Valley)

Does the state of Colorado have money for you? How to check the unclaimed property list for free
It sounds like a scam, but it's true -- the state of Colorado may have money for you! The state is holding over $600 million in forgotten funds and assets for residents.
(January 7, 2016, Denver Channel)

Tennessee has some unclaimed money it wants to return to rightful owners -- $725 million worth
Tennessee Treasury Department officials, who last fiscal year returned $40 million in unclaimed property to rightful owners, is now trying to do the same for yet more property that residents haven't claimed. (November 10, 2015, Times Free Press)

Treasurer Estes Announces Successful Ruling in Case Against U.S. Treasury
On Thursday, August 20th, Kansas State Treasurer Ron Estes announced an initial victory in Kansas' efforts to force the U.S. Treasury to deliver matured U.S. savings bonds to the state as unclaimed property. Judge Elaine Kaplan with the U.S. Court of Federal Claims denied the U.S. Treasury's request to dismiss Estes v. United States

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