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NAUPA Lifetime Achievement Award

The NAUPA Lifetime Achievement Award is the association's highest honor presented to individuals who have worked diligently in the unclaimed property arena for many years. Recipients have excelled in their careers inside and outside of their state or corporate boundaries.

Carolyn C. Atkinson, West Virginia

Laywon Boatner, Texas

Vicki D. Bridgeman, Virginia

Mark Cavanagh, Massachusetts

David J. Epstein, Unclaimed Property Clearinghouse

Hon. Michael D. Fitzgerald, Iowa State Treasurer

Judy Franchi, Massachusetts

John Gabriel, Tennessee

Walter Graham, Florida

Vivian E. Herbert, Virginia

Valerie M. Jundt, North Dakota

Robert D. Krenkowitz, New Jersey

Mel Kurman, New York

Rachel Lewis, Alaska

Lynden Lyman, The Unclaimed Advisor

Allen Martin, Business Manager, North Carolina Treasury

Lorin Nielsen, Unclaimed Property Clearinghouse

Hon. John D. Perdue, West Virginia State Treasurer

Barbara Rice, South Carolina

Bill Slade, Unclaimed Property Clearinghouse

Paula Y. Smith, Unclaimed Property Clearinghouse

Benny Spann, Louisiana

Patrick Tate, Oregon

Ken Wagers, Kelmar Associates

Elaine Walker, Texas

Patty White, Colorado

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